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Building powerful nonprofit software as a tool for social good

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Chapter Network

We help new chapters help their local community by providing established communication channels with veteran chapters and mentors

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Nonprofit Projects

We help nonprofits do the good they are meant to be doing more efficiently. By building them the custom software they need, they can focus on their important work

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Our 6 years of experience in building socially impactful technology has given our chapters and members the tools to help nonprofits

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General Solution

MapScout is an interactive resource map that allows people looking for behavioral/mental health and trauma-specific services to be able to see what is offered near them and more easily navigate a system that is often confusing and overwhelming. We currently partner with two nonprofit organizations, PACTS and EPIC.

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Bytes of Good

The Bytes of Good pod tackles issues surrounding the world's most underserved communities and causes. It's meant to expose these areas of need and discuss how software solutions have made an impact. We strive to motivate our listeners to get involved in any capacity, from simply spreading awareness to offering new career trajectories.

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