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Application Processing Software

Code Final Product

A web app to quickly process an application by completing the needed calculations to screen that application. (Fall 2017)

Technologies used: Flask, SQLAlchemy, JavaScript, WTForms, HTML, CSS

About the Project

Habitat for Humanity currently has three programs: the Homeownership Program, the Home Repair Program, and the Individual Development Account Program. These are programs that require individuals to complete an application and submit financial/ supporting documentation in order to be considered for one of the programs. Currently, all applications are reviewed and audited manually, and all the calculations are done manually. Due to this, there were many inefficiencies and errors, and applications took a long time to process. Errors could lead to having to redo the backend calculations, or moving an application toward the next step of the application process when it should not have. This is where we step in: we created a web app that allows volunteers to process applications online.

About the Client: Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit whose mission is to build and repair houses for families in need in the Philadelphia area.

You can find a link to their website here.

View all Applications A Phase in application processing Creating a new Phase/Calculation


By creating this application, we saved Habitat for Humanity countless hours in processing applications manually, shortening the processing time from a few days to 15 minutes. We minimized the amount of errors that would have occured when doing calculations manually for each application. We also made it easier for Habitat for Humanity to keep track of all the applications that they recieve. Not only will this application benefit Habitat for Humanity but it could also be generalized and used by any non-profit that would want to process their applications online.

The Team

Fall 2017 Team members:


  • Create a new application, and be able to go back and edit it

  • Search for specific applicants by name, status, program, and date applied

  • Complete custom calculations based off information from application

  • Issue flags that stop applications from proceeding based off calculations

  • Edit and create fields, calculations, flags, and phases (groups of fields)

  • Upload and save files

Technical Challenges

  • Processing calculations. We had to figure out a way to do mathematical (+, -, *, /) and logical (&& and   ) operations with multiple input parameters. We solved this problem by creating a custom Field model and using the Python library py_expression_eval
  • Customizable forms. We tackled this challenge by creating models that represented the many-to-many relationship between Applications and Fields, and Phases that represented groupings of calculations done on fields.

  • Dynamically generating forms from completely custom fields. We implemented this by populating our form purely with the custom fields on the frontend. None of the “phase” forms in our application are hard-coded!